Refund policy

Return / Exchange without quality issues
For Products purchased at the Website, you can apply for a return / exchange within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Products (based on the date of receipt on the logistics document),
●Customer-related problems:if a customer changes their mind, ordered items by mistake, finds a better price, or items don't fit as expected.
Please note that only one return/exchange request can be made per each order. Unless there is product quality problem, all products are only allowed to be exchanged or returned once per each transaction, and such exchange must be a product of the same style and in the same colour.
Please note that we only accept returns / exchanges if the returned / exchanged Products meet the "Return / Exchange Conditions" and do not belong to the "Return / Exchange Exclusions”described below.

Return / Exchange with quality issues
For Products with quality problems purchased at the Website, you can request a return / exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase. It is our policy to satisfy the“Return / Exchange Conditions”described below and the quality problems are verified by our after-sales service center. Please note:

  • Damage caused by improper use,repairs through 3rd parties,or damage caused by your own alteration or other human factors will not be considered as a quality issue.
  • If the Products are clearly indicated with defects at the time of purchase, i.e. B-grade or products with identified cosmetic defects, such defects are not considered as quality problems and will not be accepted for return / exchange.

Return / Exchange conditions
●1.the Products are sent back within the stated return / exchange period;
●2.the Products are in original condition (for example, the Products are kept intact, unused,or unaltered, no stains or cosmetics on the products) and the conditions for re-sale of the Product has not been affected;
●3.the outer package of the Product is intact (including the plastic bag or box; please do not stick any tapes or labels directly on our watch boxes, please put the watch box into another box or bag), the Product accessories, instructions, tags, labels, etc. should all be kept intact;
●4.If the Product / parcel has additional gifts (gift with purchase promotion), please return the gift together. The gift needs to be kept in the condition as it was received. If the gift cannot be returned, we have the right to ask you to pay for the gift according to the price of the gift we have indicated.

Return / Exchange exclusions:
●1.Products not sold through the website;
●2.Products that are bought during specific offers or promotional events which explicitly state that return or exchange are not allowed;
●3.Where the Product is used, repaired through 3rd parties, damaged, and other merchandise not in re-sale condition;
●4.where the electronic invoice or order number issued at the time of purchase is lost;
●5.Orders that exceed the return / exchange period;
●6.Products that are clearly indicated with defects at the time of purchase, and then returned / exchanged with defective reasons;
●7.other circumstances in which the consumer has no right to return / exchange according to this policy and the applicable law.

● 8.The color difference between the photo shooting and the actual object is not in the quality range.

Return / Exchange process
Please contact us via E-mail for return / exchange procedures. When returning the Product please indicate the reason for the return in the delivery note for timely processing. If the delivery note is lost, please prepare a blank sheet of paper and fill in your name, order number, item number, quantity and reason. You also need to indicate the item number, colour and other information related to the returned / exchanged Product(s).

The newly exchanged item will be sent to the delivery address on the original order; if there is any change in the delivery address, please let our customer service know in advance. If you request to exchange the products, your return request cannot be accepted before the exchange is completed. If you have requested an exchange for any of the products in the order, you cannot request for further exchange in the same order until the existing exchange process is completed.

Return / Exchange delivery and postage instructions
You can ask for return service from us via E-mail also we accept returns / exchanges by normal mail, registered mail and express delivery by yourself,and allow 10-20 days for your return to arrive at our return center,So total returns / exchanges date is within 50 days since you return products with your mails not our return service.
We recommend that you insure your package for safe return to us. We are not responsible for any risk of damage to, or loss of the Products upon return.

Refund time
For the returned Products, once we confirm that the return conditions and requirements are met, we will refund the actual payment within 2 business days after receiving the returned Product(s), but:

  • We have the right to deduct the partial refund amount if your returned Products were bought together with other Products to enjoy our threshold promotions or offers;
    2.We have the rights to deduct the shipping fee from your refund amount if your returned Products were bought together with other merchandise to enjoy a free shipping promotion;
    ●3.We will charge a $25 original shipping fee by deducting the cost from the refund value if return / exchange without quality issues policy applies
    ●4.We won't charge shipping fee when items are late, damaged or poor quality, incorrect, or don't match the description.

The time of receipt of the refund depends on different refund methods. The time of actual refund to your account depends on different banks or payment platform operations. It may take up to 10-15 business days. If the return does not meet the return conditions or requirements, we will contact you and return the Product(s) to you at your cost.

Warranty Policy honors a 3 years International Guarantee for all watches purchased on its website. This guarantee covers material and manufacturing defects. Please note that the warranty is only valid if the certificate is dated and correctly completed.

If the watch is beyond repair, can order a replacement of a similar timepiece. The new warranty for the replacement watch is valid for twenty-four (24) months after the issued replacement date.


* Products without sufficient proof of purchase

* Lost or stolen products

* Items that have expired their warranty period

* Non quality-related issues

* Free products

* Repairs through 3rd parties

* Damage from outside sources

* Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, operating devices improperly)

* Purchases from unauthorized re-seller

All clients must contact the Customer Service for instructions and repair process before shipping the watch. Every claim should have a Repair Ticket Number provided by the Customer Service. It will be attached to the service request ticket. 

Before sending the watch to us, an authorization from the Customer Service is needed. The Customer Service will advise if the item qualifies for the warranty or not and provide an estimated cost (if it falls outside the warranty period and coverage). 

Any watches for repair sent to us without proper Repair Ticket Number are considered invalid requests and will be returned to the sender without prior notice. 

Items that are not returned are not eligible for RETURN or REFUND. In order to receive a refund or return, the incorrect item OR item that you no longer want must be returned.

Upon receiving the returned product and verification if the product is in the original condition, We will process the return within 3 working days (72hrs) and there is a 7% cancellation fee and $25 for the shipping costs incurred by us. Funds will only be released once item is received and inspected.

Please take note that if you would like to make a refund before order is processed (shipped), there will be a 7% cancellation fee imposed as well.

For product that is shipped and tracking code is ready, a cancellation fee of 7% + USD 25 charges for postage fee wastage and return handling fees (including tax) will apply.