Top-Sale Rolex Glide-Lock Adjustable Watch Clasp

Top-Sale Rolex Glide-Lock Adjustable Watch Clasp

The recently popular watch accessory: the Rolex GlideLock adjustable clasp, has been well-received and sought after by many watch enthusiasts since its launch!

Many watch aficionados hope to install this stylish and simple clasp on their watches.

However, it is important to note that this clasp is not suitable for all watch bracelets. It requires a connection width of 9mm at both ends, a screw length of 16mm, and a diameter of 1.8mm. While the end connection of many watch bracelets may be 9mm wide, the screw hole is only 1.5mm, making it impossible to install this clasp perfectly!

Before making a purchase, it is essential to measure carefully to avoid receiving an incompatible product.

Currently, there are two styles of this clasp available: one with a brushed finish design and another with a polished center and brushed sides for customers to choose from.

We also greatly appreciate the feedback received suggesting that this clasp can be installed on the Cronos L6020 GMT Watch or Cronos L6022 BB Pro GMT Watch.

We will take note of everyone's suggestions and continue to update our watch designs.

Welcome to the Cronos Watch online store for your purchases. Thank you!

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