Time is an inherited love.

Time is an inherited love.

Watches and jewelry are special because people infuse them with what is most important to them: love and hope

I have always believed that it is very meaningful for the watch to be a family heritage.  It is a carrier that can carry many important memories and information

Some people have some things, through the wrist to cherish

Watch sustenance of emotion, accompanied by about, sustenance thoughts

Carry through an important stage or even a lifetime

Or special people give watch, on behalf of the deep love

It is the motivation to move forward

It's a sign of love

It's the magic of emotion that gives it a soul

Look through photos of mom from her youth to now

Found that mother's deportment and temperament more and more relaxed, open-minded and elegant

This ease emanates from the inside out

This is the grace and wisdom of age

I think this is the time to bring a beautiful transformation and precipitation

Classic objects can also become more valuable and meaningful with time

It's love and spirit that can be passed on

This year I bought a classic Cronos Pilot Flieger Mechanical Leather Strap for my mother

The clean and crisp surface can be applied to all life scenarios

Sapphire mirror and luminous dial design add more vitality to this piece

The black leather strap makes the whole watch more elegant and profound, like a piece of art,The thin case is light and elegant

Whether it's formal or casual, it's the icing on the cake

In fact, no matter how we work, how we live, or how we buy things, they are all choices and expressions of our life attitude.  My mom and I love classic timeless things because we think that the ones that stand the test of time and don't fear the passage of time are the ones that are worth having

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