How to maintain your watch in good condition

How to maintain your watch in good condition

It makes no difference how many watches you own. For them to last a long time, you must keep them in good condition. Here are some pointers for maintaining your watch and maximizing its life.


Put the watch on frequently.


Regular wear is necessary to keep the lubricants in mechanical watches functioning. The lubricants can dry out and harm the watch's mechanism if you don't wear it frequently. Using a watch winder is an additional choice. It typically needs cleaning and oiling every three to five years.


Maintain the timepiece tidy.


The watch's strap and case can become damaged when they come into direct contact with cosmetics, perfumes, seawater, or chemicals. It would be beneficial if you regularly cleaned your watch with a little damp cloth. Moreover, be sure to dry your watch thoroughly. Whenever the strap gets sweaty and moist, wipe it off with a soft, clean cloth. Keep your watch in a well-ventilated environment after wiping it. When it's damp, avoid storing it in a closed box or drawer. Also, keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent the dial and strap color from fading.


Avoid winding manual mechanical timepieces too much.


Although manual timepieces are rather durable, they can still be harmed. All you have to do to wind your watch is to keep turning the crown until there is just a little resistance. After you encounter a small amount of watch resistance, stop winding. Don't wind the crown in the first place if you can't turn it. Visit a repair shop instead, and have it fixed there. Only clockwise rotation of the hour hands should be used when setting the time. The watch's mechanical components will be harmed if you turn them the other way. Set the date and day window on your watch during the day if it has one. Late-night date and time adjustments can harm the watch.


Choose a reliable watch.


Cronos Water Ghost Luxury Dive Watch has a screw-in bottom cover and crown, a triple-lock triple waterproof mechanism, a 40mm blue crystal mirror that is scratch-resistant, a small window convex lens that enlarges the calendar, and water resistance that goes down to 200 meters. Japan NH35 automatic chain mechanical constant motion movement, constant motion pendulum two-way chain, frequency 21600 cycles per hour (3Hz), second hand pause function to precisely change the time, 41 hours of energy storage. Undoubtedly a watch worth to possess.

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