Excellent customer review post for Cronos Submariner L6005

Excellent customer review post for Cronos Submariner L6005

Cronos Water Ghost Luxury Dive Watch PT5000 Movement L6005

The absolute best diver for the money, if not the best watch period. I was looking for a Submariner style homage with great quality, looks, performance, and importantly value. This Cronos l6005 checks all the boxes.

If you are looking for a reliable, amazing diver look no further. Cronos is providing unparalleled value for money with their timepieces and the l6005 is a paragon of that.

I own much more expensive Swiss and Japanese pieces and this one is by far the highest quality and best overall. The case finishing is pristine, fitment is great, tolerances are tight, movement is very accurate and it is a hi-beat movement, and bezel action is very very good.

My favorite part is the bracelet including the on the fly adjustment, it works like a dream. Swiss wathches that are 10x the price do not have this sort of adjustment. Another thing is the lume.

The lume is literally as bright as the back glow on my Casio a168W. It is BGW9 so it is the same if not better as Rolex's Chromalight. I got the fully lumed bezel and I am purely shocked at how well it glows.

This watch would still be worth if even if it was $2000-$3000. It is simply that good. It directly competes with watches in a much higher price point.

I had a minor issue with the clasp once I received it, but Cronos customer service was so great and helpful, they replaced it for me FOR FREE.

Safe to say Cronos is my new favorite watchmaking brand and I look forward to purchasing more pieces. LOOK NO FURTHER, this is your sign to purchase the Cronos l6005, you will not regret it and will never buy expensive Swiss watches again.

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